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Laurie Anderson: Life on a String

Laurie Anderson:
Life on a String

The music of Laurie Anderson is an acquired taste, which once acquired becomes almost an addiction. I am a Laurie Anderson addict.
Strange, surreal, difficult listening, avant garde, these terms have all been used to describe her work. Her music isn't like anything else out there and defies conventional clasification.
Her live shows are an event to behold. She is a performance artist unlike any one else, and the live "performance shows" are an experience to behold.
Life on a String, her newest CD, is not her best, but its a welcome addition to my collection. Dreamy melodies and surreal spoken lyrics are Andersons trademarks, and this CD has the trademark Laurie Anderson sound. In fact, the only problem is that it sounds a little too much like her earlier work. A step back, instead of forward. Until now each Laurie Anderson CD has moved her music a step forward. The sound of this CD is somewhere between Strange Angels and Bright Red. This is not a bad thing, it's just that I really wanted to see where she would go next, not where she's been.
But I have to admit, I like the CD. If your going to revisit the past, well, this isn't a bad past to revisit.
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