Sharon (of the closed LJ) (shari) wrote in imho,
Sharon (of the closed LJ)

Tokyo Revelation

Tokyo Revelation was one of the weirder anime movies i've seen so far. the cover suggests hentai, but it was rather mild.

the plot: an angsty teen who was picked up in school helps a big bunch of demons attempt to take over the world using a demonic software program. another student turns out to be the reincarnation of an ancient god, and thus must fight him and the demons.

if only it was as simple as that. the plot was confused, and for some reason, the climax of the movie somehow turned into the end-titles, and the rest of the movie was shown on only half the screen, which was awfully weird.

besides the confused plot, and the strange ending, i kind of enjoyed it - cool animation, lots of demons, and some amusing gay overtones.
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